1: 1. Hero Boy - The main protagonist of the story on a magical train ride to the North Pole.

2: 2. Conductor - The mysterious train conductor who guides Hero Boy and other children.

3: 3. Santa Claus - The jolly old man who brings Christmas cheer and grants wishes.

4: 4. Scrooge Puppet - A grumpy character encountered by Hero Boy during his journey.

5: 5. Billy - Hero Boy's shy friend, struggling to believe in the magic of Christmas.

6: 6. Hobo - The enigmatic character offering advice and a unique perspective.

7: 7. Know-It-All Kid - A know-it-all boy who challenges Hero Boy's belief in Santa.

8: 8. Sister Sarah - A young girl with strong faith in Christmas magic, spreading joy.

9: 9. Hero Girl - A brave girl who joins Hero Boy on the extraordinary adventure.