1: Harvey Specter - The charismatic lawyer who defined the essence of Suits. His return to a spinoff show is a must!

2: Donna Paulsen - The brilliant and stylish legal secretary who stole our hearts. We eagerly anticipate her reappearance in a spinoff.

3: Louis Litt - The quirky yet highly skilled attorney with a unique flair. We can't wait to witness his further adventures in a spinoff series.

4: Rachel Zane - The intelligent paralegal turned lawyer who brought her determination and grace to every case. Her comeback in a spinoff would be a true delight.

5: Mike Ross - The genius college dropout lawyer who proved he was more than just a fraud. His character deserves a comeback in a captivating spinoff show.

6: Jessica Pearson - The fierce managing partner who effortlessly commanded respect. A spinoff featuring her return would be a powerful addition to the Suits universe.

7: Alex Williams - The cunning and resourceful attorney who added depth to the series. His reappearance in a spinoff would offer exciting new storylines.

8: Katrina Bennett - The ambitious and determined lawyer who proved her worth. We eagerly anticipate her return, ready to tackle any challenge in a spinoff series.

9: Brian Altman - The young and driven associate who brought fresh energy to the firm. His return in a spinoff would offer a new perspective and dynamic to the story.