1: 1. "Chasing Ice": Witness the breathtaking journey of photographer James Balog as he captures the alarming retreat of glaciers. A powerful wake-up call to climate change realities.

2: 2. "Before the Flood": Leonardo DiCaprio explores the global impact of climate change through interviews with experts and firsthand observations. A compelling call to action.

3: 3. "An Inconvenient Truth": Al Gore's groundbreaking documentary highlights the urgency of climate change and presents potential solutions. Inspiring and thought-provoking.

4: 4. "The True Cost": Delve into the fashion industry's impact on the environment and workers' lives. A eye-opening documentary that highlights the need for sustainable practices.

5: 5. "Food, Inc.": Explore the hidden consequences of our industrialized food system and why sustainable alternatives are crucial. A must-watch for conscious consumers.

6: 6. "Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch": Dive into the alarming reality of plastic pollution in our oceans and its long-lasting impact. An urgent wake-up call.

7: 7. "The Cove": Uncover the cruel reality of dolphin hunting in Japan and its connection to broader environmental issues. A gripping documentary that prompts reflection.

8: 8. "Blackfish": Expose the dark side of captivity in marine parks and its consequences on marine life. An emotional journey that raises awareness for conservation.

9: 9. "The 11th Hour": Explore the state of our planet and solutions proposed by leading experts to address climate change. A compelling call to action for a sustainable future.