1: 1. Brock Lesnar: The Beast Incarnate's surprising WWE debut left fans stunned and opponents terrified.

2: 2. The Undertaker: Witness the moment when darkness descended upon WWE, as the Deadman made his unforgettable debut.

3: 3. Goldberg: Prepare for goosebumps as this unstoppable force burst onto the WWE scene, leaving a trail of destruction.

4: 4. Kurt Angle: Wrestling's Olympic hero shocked the universe with his debut, bringing his gold medal and unmatched skills to the ring.

5: 5. AJ Styles: Marvel at the incredible athleticism and exciting debut of the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, in WWE.

6: 6. The Shield: A game-changing moment in WWE history, as the Hounds of Justice made a jaw-dropping debut, ready to dominate.

7: 7. Sting: Get ready to be awestruck as the icon himself, Sting, made a surprise debut, leaving the WWE Universe buzzing.

8: 8. Ronda Rousey: Witness the shockwaves as the former UFC champion stepped foot into the WWE ring, captivating fans worldwide.

9: 9. Chris Jericho: Y2J's first appearance in WWE became an instant classic, introducing his charismatic persona and captivating the audience.