1: 1. Iris Scanner - Unlock your iPhone with just a glance and enhance your device's security.

2: 2. Dual SIM Support - Manage two phone numbers seamlessly on your iPhone for better flexibility.

3: 3. Always-On Display - Get quick access to crucial information without unlocking your iPhone.

4: 4. Reverse Wireless Charging - Charge your AirPods or other devices wirelessly using your iPhone.

5: 5. Water Resistance - Enjoy peace of mind with increased protection against water damage.

6: 6. ProMotion Display - Experience smoother scrolling and enhanced visuals on your iPhone.

7: 7. Face ID Improvements - Faster and more accurate facial recognition for effortless device unlocking.

8: 8. Night Mode for all Cameras - Capture stunning low-light photos with any camera on your iPhone.

9: 9. Advanced AR Capabilities - Delve into a world of augmented reality with enhanced features on your iPhone.