1: In a cinematic universe filled with heroes, the best Marvel movie villains capture our imagination. Explore how they defy the recurring trend of the MCU’s phases.

2: With their complex motives, Loki and his mischievous nature stand as a pivotal contrast to the heroic leads, creating a perfect villain-hero dynamic.

3: The chilling presence of Thanos looms large, showing us the power of a true antagonist. His quest for balance pushes against the unified heroism we've come to expect.

4: Killmonger's tragic past and poignant ideology challenge our perception of what it means to be a villain. He represents an ultimate foil to Wakanda's heroes.

5: In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Vulture emerges as a high-stakes threat who reveals the dark side of striving for power and survival.

6: Hela, the goddess of death in Thor: Ragnarok, showcases a majestic yet menacing portrayal that defies the recurring theme of redemption in Marvel's phases.

7: Erik Selvig, unexpectedly manipulated by ancient forces in Thor and The Avengers, provides a realistic portrayal of how even the best intentions can be corrupted.

8: In Black Panther, the devious Ulysses Klaue demonstrates how personal vendettas can lead to dangerous choices, revealing the underbelly of a hero's journey.

9: The mysterious Zemo, in Captain America: Civil War, follows a path of vengeance against the Avengers, questioning their legitimacy and shattering the team's unity.