1: "Travis Kelce kicks off the record-breaking spree with" "mind-blowing yardage never seen before in the NFL!"

2: "Kelce dominates the field with an incredible record" "of most receptions in a single NFL season!"

3: "Witness greatness as Kelce smashes records soaring" "to become the tight end with most receiving yards in a season!"

4: "Kelce's skills stun as he becomes the first tight end" "to secure five consecutive seasons with 1,000+ receiving yards!"

5: "Unmatched excellence as Kelce sets new standards" "as the fastest tight end to reach 500 career receptions!"

6: "Kelce's accolades rise with an unprecedented record" "of most 1000-yard receiving seasons by a tight end!"

7: "Kelce's touchdown-haul amps up the excitement as" "he achieves multiple seasons with double-digit receiving TDs!"

8: "Dazzling speed and agility make Kelce the tight end" "with the most games in a row with 70+ receiving yards!"

9: "Kelce's game-changing plays propel him to remarkable" "records as the most dominant tight end in NFL history!"